Celcom Mobile Internet Plans For Smartphone 2013

As one of the leading telecommunication service provider in Malaysia, Celcom offers a variable Celcom Mobile Internet plans for their customers.If you owned a smartphone, then you surely love to have internet connection at anytime or anywhere you one.

Celcom Mobile Internet Plans 2013

Below is the Celcom Mobile Internet Plans 2013:

  • Mobile Internet Pay-per-Use
  • Mobile Internet Daily
  • Mobile Internet Weekly
  • Mobile Internet Monthly
  • Mobile Internet mLite
  • Mobile Internet mBasic
  • Mobile Internet mAdvance
  • Mobile Internet mPro

Mobile Internet pay-per-use plan offers unlimited volume quota but is the most expensive plan. This is because, the customer using this plan will be charged RM0.10 per 10Kb with maximum RM250 per month.

Mobile Internet Daily plan is priced at RM5 per day with 500MB quota. This plan is recommended for those that use mobile internet on an occasion or emergency and not everyday uses.

Mobile Internet Weekly plan offer 1GB volume quota at RM18/week. This is a cheaper than Mobile Internet Daily if you uses it for a week. This plan is recommend for the Celcom prepaid customers who want to use internet at certain duration such as a week and is useful when they go travel and want internet access.

Apart from daily and weekly plan, Celcom also offers four plans for mobile internet monthly plan. Celcom Mobile Internet monthly plan is suitable for customers who want to stay connected to the internet access anywhere and anytime. There are 4 plans available as follow:

Mobile Internet mLite
This plan is the cheapest of all plans available. Mobile Internet mLite plan provide 300MB volume quota at just RM28 per month. This plan is much recommended for a light internet user especially for those who want an internet connection mainly for check email or social account only.

Mobile Internet mBasic
This plan provides 1GB volume quota at RM38 per month which is RM10 more than Mobile Internet mLite plan but with an extra 700MB quota.

Mobile Internet mAdvance
This plan provide 3GB volume quota at RM58/month. Mobile Internet mAdvance is the standard plans and suitable for most users.

Mobile Internet mPro
This plan provide 5GB volume quota at RM88/month. Mobile Internet mPro is the most expensive Celcom Mobile Internet monthly plan and suitable for heavy internet user.

All Celcom Mobile Internet Plans or packages 2013

What is the best Celcom Internet Mobile Plans/packages?
The best Celcom Mobile Internet Plan for you might not the best plan for other and vice versa. It’s all depending on how you use the plan whether you are light user or heavy internet users.

You can head to Celcom Page for more details.

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