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Author: George Fowler

Choosing the Best Investment in condo for sale cheras

colorful buildings - Choosing the Best Investment in condo for sale cheras

The role of a real estate agent varies from country to country, but in most cases, the individual is responsible for gathering the information that a client needs to make an informed decision about a property. Information such as the market value, the number of bedrooms, the age of the property and other factors that […]

The Art And Benefits Of Journaling

jess bailey y7GlIdTUOvo unsplash scaled - The Art And Benefits Of Journaling

Journaling never left us. It has been with us for so long. The memoirs and biographies of ancient times can also be considered a diary kept for themselves in their own times.  But journaling has taken on many different forms of art over the years. Some journal on pages, others journal with paint on canvas, […]

Three Important Things You Need To Teach Your Children

They say parents are one massive influence determining the behavior of their children and it is actually far from being false. It makes total sense. Before children develop into the stage where their minds have been fixed, it is best for parents to make use of that period and start teaching them things that can […]

3 Best Social Marketing Services In Malaysia

Smartphone - 3 Best Social Marketing Services In Malaysia

With the advancement of technology in recent years, smartphones and computers have changed everyone’s lifestyle and have become a staple in our lives. Because of the wide variety of entertainment platforms and convenience for information, the internet is playing an important role to grant users access to their favorite sites to kill time or to […]

Forex Trading during coronavirus

Forex bar - Forex Trading during coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world, people are trapped in their homes and suffering huge financial losses. Many companies, both essentials and non-essentials, are adapting to the current crisis as many employees are working from home or let go due to the company unable to generate enough income to pay their employees. Because […]

Making the Most Of This Month: March Edition

carl heyerdahl KE0nC8 58MQ unsplash 1 scaled - Making the Most Of This Month: March Edition

We are into mid-March as of today. And three months into the year 2021.  The year is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and on the road to recovery. Most people have adjusted their life to the new pandemic life but still have a hard time making the most of their days, and […]

Social Media and its importance in marketing

social media image  - Social Media and its importance in marketing

Advertising has been a core part for companies to raise awareness of their brands and products to the general public for many centuries with our current advertising methods  not even existing, but they still play an important part in raising one’s reputation. In order to raise awareness of your products back then, companies had to […]

Why Expats Love Malaysia

null 1 - Why Expats Love Malaysia

If you are planning to take a trip to Malaysia, you should consider including Bangsar. Yes, and this is especially if you have plans to settle in this country. You might find Bangsar to be just a small suburb or maybe you have not heard about this area before for that matter, but many expats […]

Don’t follow others

636074865680004902 ThinkstockPhotos 544453276 scaled - Don’t follow others

Every single one of us has a different path in life. Maybe some of us are blessed with wealth and some of us are blessed with the health of both of their parents. There are also some of us out there unlucky enough and have to face a lot of hardship in their life. We […]

Types Of Computer Networks

lancompnet scaled - Types Of Computer Networks

These days, computers are used for us to do several works such as storing data, organizing data, and many more. It is commonly used in a company or an organization that will be handling numerous confidential files or documents and these companies or organizations will need to have computers in order to get the work […]