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decommisioning service in Malaysia

We always hear about community service but do we know actually knows what it means? Every service that we have in Malaysia is important including decommissioning services in Malaysia. Community service is volunteer work that is being performed by unpaid people for the better of the community or neighborhood. Joining a community service is always a kind act of service and community service is important for the community. 

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Here are some reasons why community service is important. 

Giving Back To The Community 

Community service is volunteering work that we do around our neighborhood and in our community. Giving back to the community in any type of form is always a good way to show that we care about our community surroundings. It also connects us to the community and we will feel grateful for what we have in our lives and we will want to give back to the community. 

Looks Good In Your Resume 

When you are submitting your resume to any jobs or scholarships, it is good to have achievements that are out of your study. Joining a community service is one of the ways to have a good resume, it will show them that you are a thoughtful person and you like to give back to society. Besides that, it will also show that you have good communication skills and other needed soft skills.

Raising Social Awareness

It is always important for us to be aware of all of the things that are happening in our society. However, reading them from a newspaper and experiencing it with our own experience is a different way for us to connect with society. Doing community services or any volunteering work will make us more aware of our surroundings and the problems that are happening in them. 

Make Friends and Connection 

Community services are all about meeting new people from different backgrounds. When you are joining a community service program you will be surprised with the people’s backgrounds that are joining the programs too. Sometimes, you can meet with people that have a professional background like a doctor or a lawyer while doing community service. 

Improve Skills 

Everybody knows that in community service we need to be able to communicate well and also have leadership skills. Joining a community service can help us to enhance some of these skills and also can brush up on other skills that are important for us. 

These are just some of the reasons why community service is important, there are many reasons why we need to join a community service and why they should be many community services being offered to the public. Sometimes, joining a community service will raise our awareness and it will make us be more empathetic with our surroundings. Giving back to society is one of the ways for us to grow into better people, and it will teach us to be grateful with our lives and always help the people that in need and be kind to nature.