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Month: January 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Getting into Medical School

mbbs entry requirements in malaysia

Are you dreaming of becoming a doctor? You’re not alone. Every year, thousands of students apply to medical school with the goal of achieving their dreams. But getting into medical school is no easy feat—it requires hard work and dedication thus why you need to know about mbbs entry requirements […]

Tips for Retirement Preparation

looking for high annual coverage insurance plan malaysia

Everyone’s life revolves around planning. Planning for retirement is something that almost everyone will do. However, retirement planning is rarely done right away, especially among young adults. Everyone is strongly encouraged to create a retirement financial plan from the start in order to ensure harmony and well-being in the days […]

What To Bring For Emergencies During Camping


Packing up for camping means you will have to be in the mindset of the top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia. You have to know and double check what you are going to bring aside from essentials including your tent, sleeping bag, food and water, your phone, and whatever else […]

The Growing Impact of Women’s Higher Education

bachelor of medicine malaysia

In recent years, women have been increasingly pursuing higher education and achieving more degrees than ever before. From the United States to India, female students are making strides in their academic pursuits, earning a wider range of qualifications and expanding their career opportunities. The impact of this trend cannot be […]

Jobs that require to work in a Laboratory

lab installation Malaysia

Scientists who work in laboratories frequently enjoy problem solving, critical thinking, and contributing to the advancement of various scientific fields. There are numerous career options available if you have the necessary skill set and want to work in a laboratory.  Usually, lab installation Malaysia is required to do by employers […]