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Packing up for camping means you will have to be in the mindset of the top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia. You have to know and double check what you are going to bring aside from essentials including your tent, sleeping bag, food and water, your phone, and whatever else you plan to fit in your bag. 

Based on the duration of your camp, this planning phase also ensures that you avoid overloading your bag, yet to take everything necessary. Emergency items are part of the necessity, and at the very least, bring the following in case your camping trip goes awry.

First aid kit

You might only go camping in the wild and nothing much else, but it doesn’t remove the possibility of an injury or illness if misfortune suddenly drops onto your head like an apple. When bringing a first aid kit, make sure beforehand that it is fully equipped and secured so it wouldn’t open suddenly and drop its contents to the soil.


Bringing light isn’t just done to light up the inside of your tent, it is also an effective emergency equipment at night. Get a camping lantern that you could charge with solar power and disperse its surroundings with better light. You should also invest in a headlamp as you can navigate with it around your head while your hands remain free to handle other things.

If you can, equip yourself with one or two spare flashlights too. Having backup lighting ensures that you won’t be stranded in the dark if you accidentally drop the light and you are plunged into the dark night. Not exactly the situation that you want to end up in, especially when it is easy to get lost in the wild.


best camping multitool - What To Bring For Emergencies During Camping

A multitool is another important emergency tool that you should bring. It is very versatile as it has multiple heads to perform certain tasks, such as opening your cans of food or even carving a firestick if you have the knowledge to start a fire through fiction. A multitool can be just as important as a knife, which if you can afford too, you could equip both of them.

Portable charger

Your phone will likely be your main means of communication and entertainment, and since you are camping in a spot with no electrical sockets at sight, you will have to charge your phone with a portable charger. Make sure that the charger alone is fully charged too.

Wilderness survival guide

Having a wilderness survival guide will grant you a great advantage, and it is even better if you actually read long enough to memorize its information prior to your camping trip. It doesn’t have to be physical, as there are lots that you can download online as PDF or EPUB files. Still, if you can find a physical copy, buy it to save on your phone’s battery.

Recommended wilderness survival guides include The SAS Survival Handbook, The Survival Handbook, US Army Survival Manual, The Ultimate Survival Manual, and several more you can browse online. The SAS Survival Handbook is a personal favorite. It was written by John Lofty Wiseman, a former member of the British special forces unit, the Special Air Service or SAS.