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automation company in malaysia

Before this or maybe you heard about an automation company in malaysia right? Automation refers to the creation and application of technology to produce and deliver goods and services with the least amount of human intervention. The application of automation technologies, techniques, and procedures has made many tasks that were previously completed by individuals more efficient, dependable, and/or rapid. Numerous industries, including manufacturing, transportation, utilities, the military, facilities, operations, and most recently information technology, use automation. 

The Importance of Automation

When using the proper tools, automating computer activities can be surprisingly simple and have significant advantages. You can build support for an operations automation project by comprehending these advantages as well as some potential challenges. What do you consider to be the most significant advantages of an automated or unattended computer center? is a recent survey question posed by a reputable trade newspaper. Cost savings, productivity, availability, dependability, and performance were the top advantages of operations automation that were frequently mentioned.

Benefits of Automation

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Higher worker safety

Worker-risky tasks are eliminated by automated cells. Protecting them from the dangers of a factory environment is something your workers will appreciate.

less expensive operations

Depending on the assignment, robots can accomplish what three to five people can. Because automated activities use less heating than manual ones, there may be significant energy savings in addition to labor cost reductions. Processes are streamlined and part accuracy is increased by robots, resulting in little material waste for your business. 

Increased competitiveness

Automation allows you to increase quality while reducing cycle times and cost per piece. You can compete more successfully on a worldwide level as a result. Due to robots’ adaptability, you can retool a cell to outperform your rivals’ capabilities.

Higher output of production

A robot is capable of operating unattended, continuously, at a constant speed. The capacity to produce more is indicated by this. It is possible to program new items offline without affecting current workflows, which allows for a quicker introduction of new products into the production process.

Shorter lead times in the factory

In contrast to outsourcing or moving your process overseas, automation can keep your process domestically, improve process control, and significantly cut lead times.

Challenges in automation


The two main kinds of challenges to operation automation are cost and people. Availability and reliability are two of the most popular advantages. Both of these reasons are strong justifications in favor of moving forward with automation projects, and they typically take precedence over the requirement that they be cost-justifiable. However, as projects progress, new cost considerations emerge. It might be necessary to make extra investments in things like automated cartridge loaders, tape librarians, and software.


With the advent of automation, some personnel difficulties have emerged. Automation is perceived as a direct danger to many system operators’ livelihoods. One of the simplest ways to fail when deploying automation is to not have a plan for handling employee complaints and monitoring staff participation. When new automation software is being tested, evaluated, and put into use, computer operators who believe their employment is in danger can always find a method to get around it. Tools for automated reporting are viewed as a danger by analysts. 

A personnel reduction is also seen as a direct threat to the prestige and position of operation managers. A culture of poor morale and uncertainty is something that no business wants to be known for. Attrition alone is not a feasible strategy, though, as some businesses are changing so swiftly in the modern business world.