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In today’s time, due to the fast-moving technology, almost everything has become digitalised. From ordering food online to buying groceries online too. Thus, even the banking system has moved most of their banking services online, making it to become an online banking system. 

So, what is an online banking system? An online banking is a system that allows you to perform transactions digitally. The customer can perform an online transaction on a secure website page that is fully operated by the bank. There are tons of features an online banking has introduced such as bills payment, loan payment, funds transfer, bank statement, loan applications and also allows the customer to monitor and keep track of their account in one place. By introducing the online banking system, it has made many customers save their time by performing online transactions without the need of travelling physically to the bank to perform any banking transactions. Thus, it is important to have an online banking website malaysia.

  1. Paying your bills online

Most bills such as phone bill, water bill, and electricity bill are sent through online or an application. These applications then introduce options for customers to pay their bills through online banking. Thus, most customers would prefer to pay for their bill payments online as they never need to worry about the bills getting lost in the mailbox. The online banking system also has an option for customers to set up a recurring automatic payment at the same time of each month. This way, the customer will not need to worry about forgetting to pay for the bills.

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  1. View your transactions in ease

You can easily view and access your account history and transactions at ease with online banking at any time and anywhere. This is the most convenient way to check whether a transaction has cleared your account. Moreover, the online banking system also allows you to check if an illegal or unconstitutional transaction has occurred to your account, which allows you to immediately contact the bank.

  1. Easy transfer of money between accounts

By using the online banking system, you can easily transfer money between accounts. It is the most conducive way to transfer money rather than going to the bank physically which saves cost and time of the customer. If you are transferring the money to an account within the same bank, the transfer will immediately go through the same day. But, if you are transferring money to an account at a different bank, it may take up to three days for the money to get transferred successfully.

  1. Bank on your phone with a mobile application

Most of the banks will offer a mobile application for their customers to perform any sort of online banking service through their mobile phone. You can easily check up on your accounts when you are out purchasing groceries or doing shopping, transferring funds without the need of withdrawing physically from the bank which may sometimes lead to over-withdrawing and making sure the trader has not overcharged you.

In conclusion, there are a bunch of benefits to applying for an online banking option. It saves your cost and time.