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Every individual wants the best education to realize their dreams. However, the better the institution, the higher the fees charged. Students often leave their education unfinished and do blue-collar jobs to fulfill their main purpose. These students also raise money to complete their master’s degrees later to get in their careers. In addition to those who can afford expensive higher education, some students get scholarships.

In the age of the Internet and MOOCs, do we really have to spend huge sums of money to get a degree? It is possible to extract third party information in the same way by attending online classes. Online lessons are not only cheap but also easily arranged for employees. If a student gets too many free online classes, what more does he want? There are websites that offer free online courses or provide useful materials for students. The site is adorned with podcasts, videos, and informative notes; they also take evaluation tests from time to time. In fact, the free flow of information should be provided and beneficial to students and teachers.

It is a myth to say that online education will be futile because it relies more on our skills than our job market level. What you know is more important than where you work. Currently, agencies recruit students based on their knowledge and problem-solving skills, setting aside grades or degrees.

Here are some websites that provide free education to students:

  • Edx.org: is an online learning center and MOOC provider that offers high-quality courses to students anywhere from the world’s leading universities and institutions. It includes the best global degrees from 90 universities.
online learning blog - Education Websites to Teach you Free Education
  • Academicearth.org: is a website that offers a wide variety of academic options for students, from traditional to contemporary studies. They provide courses at the online level from accounting and economics to engineering and also bring materials on specific topics such as behavioral psychology. Moreover, it has collaborated with a number of renowned colleges such as Oxford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and many more. Considering the level of interest of the students, this portal has videos and podcasts on all topics.
  • Coursera: courser.org: Once a student opens this website, he or she must get the number of courses available in the subject of interest. Students can find major universities and electronic Course Certificates that can be shared. The website guarantees that “The course includes recorded video lectures, assignments that are automatically assessed and reviewed by peers, and a community discussion forum. When you complete the course, you will receive a share-free electronic Course Certificate.”


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