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download 8 - Types Of Slot Games

For any brick and mortar casino, slot machines are literally placed at every corner that the naked eye can see because they are the pioneer of money making for any casino that outbid table games and any type of gambling there is. It is said that Australian players that invested in casinos are one of the persons that suffer from a greater loss than any other and as you can guess, slot machines played a major role in it. 

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On the contrary, a single spin casino wheel could also have the opportunity to change a person’s life. For example, a 25 year old software engineer in 2013 went home with $39,710,826.36 after placing just a mere $100 machine at Las Vegas Excalibur. 

Forwarding to today’s era of modernity, the slot machine is a versatile game type to draw many people’s attention the minute you set into a casino with its vibrant color and loud echoing music. 

But don’t sweat it out. If you’ve mastered the basic styles of the game, the rest is just an exposition matter that you can try on at mobile slot malaysia. 

These slot machines come in multiple levels of playing from the simple basic ones to outright complicated ones and depending on your preference, there’s always one game that would pique your interest in playing. 

Let’s check out the list below.


This type of slot was popularized by Australia first before introducing it to America’s market in the last 20 years. Gamers are able to choose on how many paylines they would like to play and how much money they would like to invest in it. However, the expert’s recommendation is to only play one coin on each of the playline so that you won’t be losing your money rapidly or any winning combinations possible. 

Moreover, you should be wary of the paytable on certain games for bonuses are applicable when you play the maximum amount of coins per line. For more information on how multicoin works, click here.


The multi-line games were mostly played by our predecessors and was mostly favoured in North America over the past few decades.

Even though choosing the number of paylines is allowed for players there is a limitation on how many wagers they put per line. Majority of players are used to risk multiple coins per line which is the main contribution to the machine’s admiration. 

  • Buy-a-Pays

For Buy-a-Pays, every additional coin inserted in the slot allows you to have an extra winning combination that significantly affects the game’s hit frequency. Due to this cause, it is advisable for players to gamble for the maximum number of coins for a buy-a-pay machine.

  • Hidden Buy-a-Pays

John Robison, a gaming expert, originated the name of this game as it depicts the slot that accommodates bonus events that are only available to those who played the maximum amount of coins per line. 

Although the game would have an average percentage of payback, playing the limit will raise it  to even 100%. You can seek for this type of machine by examining the paytime properly for any kind of bonuses that need activation by maximum coin plays. 

  • Straight Multiplayer

Meanwhile, this slot machine permits players to enable all winning combos by sacrificing one coin while any other additional coins helps the winning multiplier. This stipulates that 3 coins will triple in a single coin wager etc.

Although some players argue that the way to go is to gamble the full sum, most experts advise to stick with a single coin wager so that you won’t suffer any great losses at only a single game played. Never hesitate to check out V3 Casino for trusted online casino and have fun.