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Things today are all in automation. It is something that we cannot deny because around us, literally everything is powered automation. Even the vehicles that you drive called cars are actually automated and we do not even notice. There are a lot of parts in the vehicle that are automated like the ECU or Engine Control Unit that manages fuel flow and manages when to change gears if you are driving an automatic transmission car. There are a lot of things actually in this world that are automated but what makes up an automated object? There are actually three things that make up an Automation system. Here are the few.

– Sensor or Device

In an automation system there is always something that is in between and it is capable of having an action to let something first run. Of course with that being said that in between factors is Human-machine or sensors. This is something that needs to start the automation process. Whether it being primary or start of operation that requires humans or a secondary kick in system that uses sensors there will always be something to first kickstart it. That is the first process of the automation system. 

– Computing system

When there is already a kickstart, then there should be something to continue and how does it have its own brain and its power source is its processor. It needs a processor in order to transmit digital signals to either another digital system or into something that moves physically and in this process, how it is done is through processors or a computing system. Once the signal or sensor or input is made then the processor will compute the data and then proces into actions. So this is the second important thing.

– Manipulator or Components

Third most important is of course the components, the thing that actually does the work or the things that actually move and it is the thing that gets the job done. So it is very important to have this if not then it defeats the purpose of automation. Components like actuators will get something to work for clear example, driving an automatic car, you need to switch gears or have something to change the gears for you and so the change gear method is to have the system process what is going on and then automatically change the gears so that the car moves. And of course there are many more that is going on but essentially this is how it works and the systems of course needs to be of highest quality and of course in align with it high quality component is a must like OMRON automation component Malaysia, it is a must to have the highest quality to have quality job done.

photo 1611117775350 ac3950990985?ixlib=rb 1.2 - How Does Automation Work?

So there you have it. This is how an automation device works whether it be the car that you drive or the lift that you sit on and even escalators and so much more all work on automation and it is a need to understand how it works in order to appreciate what is given to you.

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