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A lot of people think that having basic lifelong skills or soft skills is not essential, or rather valued less. This is because people don’t consider those skills as actual skills. However, contrary to what people think, these lifelong skills are very useful, especially in the workplace. 

For instance, you’re really good at digital marketing but digital marketing sometimes require you to communicate with your clients a lot. Thus, communication skills are really important in this situation. Other than that, you’d need to come up with unique content at times when you’re working in digital marketing or any marketing for that matter, and you’d need creativity. Thus, these skills are important and here are a few of them that give you the upper hand when you’re looking for a job:


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Creativity is one of the most useful soft skills anyone could acquire. For instance, if you work within the creative industry regarding the film industry, marketing, writing, etc, being creative is the key point to get your job done. Especially when you’re a writer, you need to come up with content that people would actually want to read. That’s so hard now since a lot of stories have been written by someone somewhere. Thus, it’s hard to write something that isn’t considered plagiarism. You can see this in films nowadays too. Every rom-com is just the same storyline with different dialogue. Thus, if you are able to come up with something original and unique while still appealing to the public, that is a great skill to have.


There’s a fine line between being bossy and being a good leader. Being bossy could get people to kind of hate you. However, when you have the characteristics of a good leader, people will look up to you and work will flow much smoother. Being a good leader isn’t about being able to just give basic instructions and be done with it. It’s about being able to guide people as well and make sure the work is done well. For instance, when I had to train my juniors for the marching ceremony, I didn’t yell at them and scold them. I guided them while being the right amount of firm and we were able to bring the first place trophy home. Having good leadership skills may bring you a long way in the workplace.

Information Management

Since we are a world that mostly runs digitally, being knowledgeable about information management has become rather crucial. Knowing the basics like what a URL is or how a backlink works can be very useful in the workplace. Some people might say that you don’t need to know that stuff unless you’re working in IT or https://thecoolbears.com/pentest-malaysia/ but hey, a lot of people, even the ones in the writing industry, digital marketing or even the film industry have to at least have the basics of information management. 


Ah yes, a lot of people say curiosity kills the cat. But what people don’t know is that satisfaction brings it back. Curiosity is sometimes looked down on, deemed childish or dumb. However now, especially with Gen-Z around, curiosity is the golden soft skill. To me, when you’re not curious about anything, you might as well stay at home. That sounded a little harsh, but still, what’s the point if we’re not curious about anything. The world wouldn’t move if people weren’t curious. So, be curious!

Thus, it’s not useless for you to be able to think in-depth or communicate well with others. You can always use that to your advantage anytime in the workplace. Hence, never disregard your skills. Always try to hone them and improve them when you’re working, or even when you’re not. They might be beneficial for you when you least expect it.

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