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Journaling never left us. It has been with us for so long. The memoirs and biographies of ancient times can also be considered a diary kept for themselves in their own times. 

But journaling has taken on many different forms of art over the years. Some journal on pages, others journal with paint on canvas, others journal on their social media. There are so many ways to journal. The act of journaling is to keep a record of our observations and perceptions. They help us recall memories, hold dear memories close to us, let go of the heinous ugly things of the day and give us time for reflection. 

Different people do it for different reasons. With Pinterest journal inspirations on the way, journaling made a hard come back into the recent years. People are investing their time into a proper journaling outlet. The land of washi tapes, cute notebooks, colorful pens, all for the sake of our personal journaling time.

And the beautiful thing about journals is that you can journal about anything. You can record your travels, your pet sitting moments, your sunrises and sunsets, after-school rant sessions and the list goes on. We know that these journals help us understand ourselves a little better (even if it is too cringe to read what you journaled later on). But if there is anything a Malaysia branding agency can tell you, it is the importance of having a unique voice. You can’t get your unique voice without learning more and more about yourself. Journaling is just one of the many ways to get in touch with our own self. 

There are so many benefits to the art of journaling. Let’s explore some of these, shall we? 

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For Self-reflection 

When we journal, we are unraveling about the events of our day. Even if they use their own perspective, they provide people the chance to take a good look at their own actions. When we write, we can reflect on how we could have done things better or it can even tell us how far we have come. Your self-improvement, character development, and praise come from journaling and its self-reflection. 

For A Better Mental Health 

We don’t always need another human to rant and vent to. Sometimes all we need is just a different outlet such as journals. Journals are reportedly proven to reduce our anxiety and stress levels. With anxiety and stress levels maintained, the impact on our mental health is visible. We are more productive, happier with others, and happier with ourselves as well! Did you also know that stress can result even in physical symptoms? 90% of your doctor’s visits are related to stress-induced ailments. Stress can lead to constipation and extreme fatigue. They can cause pain and tension in our shoulders, jaws, and hands.  So it’s time we take care of our stress and anxiety levels by journalling a little. 

For Better Sleep 

Sleep doesn’t come easy to many of us. Sometimes we need a little journaling to get us to have better and improved quality of sleep. Journaling before bed can make us feel like we are done with our day. It is like a nice clean end to a very busy and hectic day. It helps you relax and enjoy the little time you have for yourself. And when we relax, we sleep better!

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