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affordable medical insurance plan malaysia

Insurance is where one pays an amount of money to the insurance agency or company. In exchange for financial help, protection or reimbursement when something risky happens to them or to their coverage. Most people have insurance for their valuable and expensive things, such as cars and houses. 

The payment for your insurance will be deducted monthly according to your insurance plan. Ranging from RM200 per month to RM1000 per month, it is what you pay over what can you afford. It is advisable to take the plan that suits your monthly salary. Plan your financial expenses. Make sure to choose the most affordable medical insurance plan malaysia.

Medical Insurance Plan

Having a medical insurance plan is something that is encouraged in society. You will never know when or where you would be admitted to the hospital. 

Medical or health insurance will be effective when you are diagnosed with the illness that is covered by your insurance. It is also used when you are hospitalized after getting into an accident. The insurance company will cover the amount of money for your hospital bills, medicine and continuous treatment. 

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The amount of money paid by your insurance agency depends on the type of plan you subscribe to. The higher your monthly insurance payment, the higher amount they will cover. You will want to check every plan thoroughly before you subscribe to it. Check the list of diseases they cover and check your family’s history of illness. Make sure they are covered. 

Your insurance would not be effective immediately. For example, you happen to get into a car accident that needs you to be hospitalised. You want to use your insurance to pay for yourself. But, you just subscribe to the plan last week. Then, you are not able to use the insurance money. This is because your insurance account is not mature yet. Most insurance companies have a mature account company for guaranteed money. 

If you think your salary cannot afford medical insurance yet, check with your company. Some companies provide medical insurance for their worker. However, this is different from your personal insurance. 

Company health insurance would not cover your hospital bills. They will have the list of diseases that they covered. If you have a mild fever and runny nose and run to the clinic, your company insurance can pay for your medicine and treatment bill.  

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Company insurance is also applicable to your children according to their terms and conditions. In Malaysia, if your children are a student until the age of 25 years old, they are eligible to have the benefit. When your children start working permanently, even if they are younger than 25 years old, they are automatically banned from receiving the insurance benefit. 


Everyone needs affordable medical insurance plan Malaysia. Nothing else is better than additional protection in your life. Imagine the stress-induced if you are not able to afford a simple fever medicine. No matter how cheap our healthcare is, having medical insurance is still the best. This is your time to protect your loved one.