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vessel chattering in Malaysia

From school bags to cell phones to even the food we eat. Not many are local and all require some form of transportation to make its way to our local grocery stores and shopping malls. For us, it is simply the act of making a trip to the store to purchase what we need. All we need is a ride to the store and money in our pockets to spend. Things however, had taken a drastic turn with our current crisis. 


What was once a drive away is now only a click away. With the Covid-19 pandemic being the main agenda of people’s life and the first priority to consider when making decisions – ‘should I leave the house or risk my dwindling groceries another day?’, online shopping has been an optimum choice to deliver and receive goods. From raw materials like car parts, and medical equipment, all the way to final products such as phone cases to bedsheets to even packaged snacks to munch on. All can be obtained through online shopping. 

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Compared to the barter system in ancient times, the modern solution where people just order through a click of a button has made life much easier. Especially since we don’t need to cross a river or hike 5km just to get the cut of mutton from Uncle Ali in the next village. In hindsight, Uncle Ali is probably waiting for that chicken that you are going to trade with him too. That’s not to say that our goods just magically appear in front of us once we order it. People still need to cross that river and hike all those kilometers. It’s just that others are doing it for us. Through delivery services and shipping, our goods are able to make their way to us safely. 


Now if you’re looking to work behind the scenes where you’re handling the transportation of goods, vessel chattering in Malaysia is one way to go. 

To take you down a trip on history lane, Malaysia was once the hub for trading where massive powers coveted our lands just to sell their goods. Presently, traders all around Malaysia also depend on companies like Altus Malaysia that offer vessel chartering services to transport the goods. From storing our goods to transporting and many more. Things like this are all the magic that happens behind the scenes. 

Braving the majestic yet dangerous oceans, Altus Malaysia is a way for businesses to get our goods to us safe and sound. So the next time you shop for something, you can imagine the great journey your purchased item had taken before reaching your hands.