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images 6 - Should I Own A House?

Owning a house takes a lot of consideration and time. It may also be challenging and intimidating for a person who is new to this. Fear not, here are a few reasons that owning a house brings a lot of benefits. 

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First of all, you have to work out the percentage you are able to allocate to pay for your home. Budgeting is a great way to keep track of your expenses and manage your salary. Click here to calculate your borrowing capacity that will help you out when buying a house. 

Owning a house can build your equity. What exactly is equity? Your equity is the amount of money you own in relation to the value of the property you own. It expands as the market worth of your house rises or when you make more mortgage payments. When you own a property, you may potentially leverage your equity and access it by redrawing your loan, borrowing on top of your equity with an extra advance, or refinancing your mortgage. These monies can subsequently be utilised for a number of other purposes, such as home renovations, the purchase of a new vehicle, or even a memorable vacation.

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Next, and most importantly, it is a good long term investment. When you are spending a huge sum of money to buy a house, it is important to buy a house at an upcoming area like Sabak Bernam, Rawang or Cyberjaya as you can always buy them for a cheaper price now and once there are many more amenities and buildings that are built around the area, the value of your property would increase too as the land is now high in demand. There is a very low chance that a property invested in an upcoming area will lead you to a loss in the future.

Aside from that, owning your own home allows you to design your dream home. When you rent a house, you are not permitted to modify or make any improvements to the property, even if you believe it will improve its appearance. You are not able to express your artistic freedom. Owning a home would provide you the freedom to make any adjustments you want and get rid of items you don’t. Even if it means you want to add a crazy slide in your house instead of a stairs, you can. 

Mortgage payments are actually saving your money! It seems hard to believe but your mortgage payments are a means of conserving money, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. Most repayments include both principal and interest, implying that you’re contributing to the ownership of a larger portion of your house. While renting may appear to be a better deal at the time, you will not be able to recoup any of that value in the future.

Buying or owning a house for the first time may seem scary at first but it is always better to get help or read more to gather more information before investing. 

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