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Every single one of us has a different path in life. Maybe some of us are blessed with wealth and some of us are blessed with the health of both of their parents. There are also some of us out there unlucky enough and have to face a lot of hardship in their life. We can never compare our life path and life journey with others. In terms of shopping, some of us need to reject their desires to fulfill their daily needs. Our parents often do that because they prioritize their children’s needs and comfort. In terms of choosing needs such as the internet, time internet offered various kinds of packages suitable to their customers. You can choose various kinds of Time broadband package Malaysia fitted to your needs. You just need to choose a suitable internet plan fit with your daily needs. We all need to realize and be aware of our life situation. We can be selfish people because of the recent pandemic COVID-19 and after the government issued the movement control order (MCO) since past March, we all need to care enough about shopping. 

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Do not follow another lifestyle. Maybe some of them have a lot in their savings. Or maybe some of them have their parents to back up their finances. We have a lot of reasons not to follow other lifestyles. Besides all of that, we all have plenty of reasons to live our life. Why do we have to follow another lifestyle and make it ours? You need to make your life wonderful in your way. We all also need to be aware of our environment. If we have a friend that always shows off their lifestyles to us, we need to strengthen ourselves to not be influenced by their lifestyle. We have to think about our parents and their effort to give comfort to us. We need to be thankful because we still can have almost the same things as other people. Do not ever try to compare and go along with other people’s lifestyles because, at the end of the day, it will make yourself suffer and burden your parents because they need to buy something unnecessary for us. In this matter, it is not only for the child or teenagers, but it is also for an adult. We all need to save aside some of our money for an emergency in the future. We need to hold what we want to buy for now because our economy is not recovering enough. In the meantime, we all need to be careful and aware of our surroundings.

Last but not least, we all need to help each other in this situation. We can’t be greedy and need to think about other people. If we have relatives who are in trouble and need help, we need to help them because maybe only us can be their savior. We all need to ease other work such as the NGO in helping others. We all need to be considerate enough to be generous and always try to help others in need.

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