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lancompnet scaled - Types Of Computer Networks

These days, computers are used for us to do several works such as storing data, organizing data, and many more. It is commonly used in a company or an organization that will be handling numerous confidential files or documents and these companies or organizations will need to have computers in order to get the work done easier and faster. But, to further the uses of the computer even more, the computer has to have a connection so that it can have more capabilities that it can do. There are different types of computer networks that computers can use to do the work. These are examples of it.

  1. Local Area Network (LAN)
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Local Area Network or LAN is a network that can get two or more groups of computers to be connected and it has a small radius of connectivity. The examples of LAN that we usually see is Wi-Fi at home and small company networks. LAN is secure to use because any connection from outside can get connected to it and it is safe to transfer data using the network as the data can not be accessed from other devices outside. This network also has a fast speed which can reach up to 100Mbps since the number of people using the network is rather small.

  1. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Metropolitan Area Network has the ability to cover a large area of LAN’s connection. Then, the LAN’s connection will be connected to a larger network of computers. There are numerous LAN networks that are connected with each other in the MAN. This is because the size of MAN is larger than LAN which has about a 5km to 50km range of network that it can reach. This is the reason why MAN is used to covers a large area such as a city or a town. You can go to moxa products malaysia to know further about computer networks. 

  1. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Network or WAN has the largest size of the network out of all computer networks. This network can cover a whole country, continent, and even the whole world.  The common example of a Wide Area Connection that we have right now is the Internet connection and mobile broadband that has a very wide range of connectivity that can cover a whole country. The good thing about WAN is that we do not have to have a backup to store the local data because the data will be stored online in the data center. Plus, it has a large area of the network that allows people to get connected even they are from a very long distance from each other. However, the cost is really expensive and this connection has a high possibility to get attack by a virus because it connected with many different systems.

In conclusion, these are examples of computer networks. These computer networks really help people to do their work easier and faster. This is one of the advantages that we can get due to the technological advancement in our world. If you are interested to about computer network, you can learn more on moxa switch component in malaysia and check out moxa switch component in malaysia.

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