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buy soft baby mittens for newborn Malaysia - Essential Nutrients For Breastfeeding Mom

Mom or mother. Both share the same responsibility of breastfeeding a child. For every mom or mother, breastfeeding is not always easy for them. It is always a challenge. Some might have the problem of producing baby’s milk whereas the others have other difficulties. Thus, it is very important to ensure the mother or mom is equipped with great health. This is important for both mom and her baby. How do we keep them healthy? We need to make sure the mother get enough nutrients for breastfeeding her baby. There are many types of nutrients. So how do we know which one is the best for the mom? Hold your coffee as we unravel some important nutrients for breastfeeding mom.


First and foremost, a breastfeeding mother would need an iron. Not that metal scrap aye! A breastfeeding mother needs 9 milligram (mg) of iron. Moreover, pregnant and lactating women are at the risk of iron deficiency. As a result, breastfeeding moms should increase their iron daily intake during this period. However, get tested with your local health care professional before consuming iron. There are few ways for boosting iron absorption. Firstly, cook your vegetables. Studies show that cooking vegetables catalyze the available iron. Secondly, consumption of vitamin C. A simple indication of iron deficiency is extreme exhaustion. If you’re uncertain, get advice from your doctor before consuming. Prevention is better than cure! So, make sure to check out your condition first.

protein - Essential Nutrients For Breastfeeding Mom


Secondly, any breastfeeding mother should not skip protein. A lactating mother needs about 71 grams (g) of protein daily. Or even 25 gram more protein. Breastfeeding moms need higher protein intake than the non breastfeeding woman. In general, protein helps build the body, repair, and maintain our body tissues. Protein lends structure and rigidity for our cells. This is because proteins are the main building blocks of our cells. Next, protein generates antibodies for mom’s immune system. Mommies pass these antibodies to their baby through breast milk. Hence, giving the little one the essential immunity from their mothers. Besides, mothers can easily get protein from many foods. For example, lean meat, poultry, peanut butter, nuts, dried beans, salmon, and tuna.


Thirdly, who wouldn’t need calcium for breastfeeding moms. Calcium is a vital nutrient for building and maintaining strong bone structures. Further, a breastfeeding mom would need the daily intake of calcium around 1000 milligram (mg). Mother’s body absorbs calcium when they are breastfeeding. The calcium content is replenished when the mom wean the baby. The baby might not get an adequate amount of calcium if the mom is calcium deficient. In order to solve this problem the mother can take supplements. Calcium supplements can help mothers to reach their daily value. In addition, a responsible mother would consume a sufficient amount of calcium. Some examples of good calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu, dark leafy greens, dried beans, cereals and juices with high calcium content.

Conclusively, these are some of the most important nutrients for breastfeeding mothers. The importance of getting the right nutrients for moms is to ensure the baby can grow healthy and strong. Check out pillow support for feeding babies Malaysia.