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hepatitis medication and treatment in malaysia

The health care industry has changed in so many different ways since the beginning of the pandemic. To say the changes have been dramatic is a true understatement. We can certainly credit the massive changes to the emergence of a global outbreak and the rapid switch the world took to digital alternatives.  Our prescriptions for hepatitis medication and treatment in malaysia also come in the digital format now. So let’s see how the world has changed during this time of great uncertainties. 

During this global outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, the health industry consumers have shown some noteworthy observations. For instance, there is a number of consumers and patients who show confidence with their health practitioners. In other words, they are more likely to engage better with their doctors. Patients are vocal about it when they feel like they disagree with their doctors. They also make sure to be self-aware of their own condition before even stepping a foot into the clinic or in today’s world, setting up an online appointment with our doctor from our home.

That is another massive change we had to face and get used to in the current industry. The world no longer operates on just face-to-face interactions. Even with our doctor. People have reduced their visits to private health care clinics and public hospitals by preferring to have virtual doctor visits. A virtual appointment was not a common thing in the pre-pandemic world. It was something consumers were quite apprehensive about. But the pandemic was the one final push consumers needed to continue using virtual visits to doctors. It is likely that we will continue to use the power of virtuality and digital telecommunications to stay in touch with our doctors. 

As consumers are getting savvier with technology during the pandemic, they are also looking forward to furthering changes in using technology for our health monitoring. We already had our list of Fitbit’s and other physical activity tracking technologies, but today we are looking at even more advancements for our health. These things include using the power of Artificial intelligence to predict any future catastrophe or using AI to map out our data. People are willing to trust information that is backed with their data. And using health monitoring apps and data, they are willing to communicate it with their doctors as well. 

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Since the pandemic, the relationship we have with our doctors has also changed. The way hospital treats their patients are demanded to change because consumers today have higher expectations. They want to develop a deeper relationship instead of scribbles on their prescription note. They expect the doctor to be articulate with their messages and properly communicate instead of rushing to the next patient. Each patient’s experience matters in the digital world because words spread fast and social media is powerful.

We are expected to see even bigger changes in the health industry as technologies like AI and robotics reach a deeper level of advancement. People still need the human touch and the health care industry needs to find the perfect hybrid mix of both th virtual and physical world to accommodate their consumers.