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cater - Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Caterer

When talking about weddings, you can’t help but smile and will probably imagine how your wedding will be. A wedding is undeniably the most important event of one’s life thus it is no surprising that one will plan for this as early as possible. So, if you are also about to be wed, like maybe after a number of months, for sure you are also now planning for it. There are even some who will plan for their wedding a year before just to make sure that everything will go as expected. 

One of the highlights of a wedding is the reception and of course the food. Amidst the emotional situations is the reception where all guests are expecting for a sumptuous feast. This is the time where they will share a hearty meal with the newlyweds thus it is very important that your choice of malay wedding packages that are great and wedding caterer will not disappoint your guests.

cater 1024x536 - Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Caterer

And so, it is also very important that you do well when picking the wedding caterer who will be fully in-charge of feeding your guests in your most special event. If you have not hired a caterer ever, then you might need some tips so that you can ask the right and important questions to your prospects.  And for that, you can refer for the tips below:

  • As most caterer will charge you in a per person basis, you can ask upfront as how much they will charge for each guest you will possibly have. Tell the caterer of your budget and he will surely inquire as to the number of guests you are planning to have. The caterer will then give you a deadline in giving the exact number of guests so that they will have time to prepare. 
  • Ten next your concern should be is their cuisine specialization and if their prices will meet your budget. You must also know beforehand their options when it comes to their menu so ask for their recipe right there and then.
  • Don’t forget to ask of their schedule like if they have other commitments on the same day you of your wedding. If they have, then you should inquire how they will handle it as maybe they have many employees thus it will be alright to attend two events at the same time. 
  • Another thing you must not skip to ask is if they have the required documents to run a business like a license, insurance and so on. 
  • You should know that in any business, whatever service that is provided, they will charge it on their clients. So, it should be at your benefits if you will ask right from the start the inclusion of their price even if they charge you in a per person basis. That way, you will then be prepared to supply for those things that are not included in their service or you can look for another caterer. 

This is actually the good thing about being a client. You can easily choose another agency if there is something in their service that you do not like. 

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