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Hegen electric pump - Pigeon: The best breast pump brand in Malaysia 

The best breast pump brand in Malaysia, the one that moms in this world are searching for. Why do moms need breast pumps? Breast pumps will give so much benefit for moms. Often people will think that breast pumps will not give a good thing for moms and their babies. They think if our breast is forced to pump and forced to produce some milk, it will give  the mom. Like we knew breast milk will produce naturally when the baby wants to drink milk from moms it will come out naturally. 

image 2 - Pigeon: The best breast pump brand in Malaysia 

The fact is when the best breast pump brand in Malaysia exists, it really can help for the mother and babies. Other people also think that breast pumps are just good for moms not for babies because they can’t get enough breastmilk that gives more nutrition for babies. Of course we understand that mother breast milk is the best for the newborn babies but they must know that breast pumps also produce breast milk. We must be smart to choose the best breast pump brand in Malaysia

Why do we need breast pumps? 

The best breast pump brand in Malaysia, Pigeon was chosen to be. Pigeon is one of the brands that supply mothercare products and baby products too. One of the products is breast pumps that have two types of breast pumps. Electric breast pump and manual breast pump. These two products from Pigeon are the best products they have sold there. Pigeon is a brand from Japan, the pigeon symbolizing peace and expressing their strong desire for babies to grow happily in a peaceful and prosperous world. 

Back to the topic, why do we need breast pumps in our life? First thing we got is that mom’s activity will be easier and more smoothly. Their breast milk will be kept at the right place will be more at ease for their heart. The breastmilk that they had pump will be kept in a bottle or the container that keeps the milk. So the mother doesn’t need to stay to give breastfeeding to the baby, even though we know breastfeeding will make the mother and babies more close. 

With breast pumps, the milk that is already in the bottle, the baby’s dad can give milk too. The babies will close with their dad too this way. The dad can learn how to give the baby milk in the right way. Some of cases, the baby is dead choking on milk because the parents don’t know how to give the milk in the right way. The nutrients still active for the baby’s growth. This also will give mothers the ability to give their babies breast milk anywhere and anytime. The type breast pump also plays roles for mother activity going smoothly. Electric breast pumps will make the mom more quick to produce the milk than manual ones. Dad also should know more about breast pumps and that will make you a good parent.