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When it comes to measuring brand awareness, there are several Google services you may use. Start with Google Adwords or the Keyword Planner to get a sense of how many people are searching for your company name.

Like SEO, Another useful tool is Google Trends, which is a service that evaluates the popularity of the most often searched for terms in Google search across various areas and languages across the world. This allows you to see how many people have looked for your brand on Google, which is useful information.

It is necessary to measure something in order to fully comprehend it. It is possible to create a strategy to improve your brand awareness by first determining the extent of your brand awareness. Choosing the best branding companies in Malaysia will help you a lot.

Building brand recognition is a complicated process that may include a variety of tactics and suggestions to help you reach your objective. We’ve compiled a list of six strategies for increasing brand recognition, both online and offline, to assist you.

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Give your company’s brand a personality

When it comes to building brand recognition, it is impossible to overstate the significance of your company’s personality. First and foremost, it assists your company in standing out from a crowded field of similar rivals. Second, a well-defined brand personality fosters consumer confidence and involvement by establishing a sense of belonging.

Your brand should have a color scheme and tone of voice that are readily distinguishable, as well as a primary characteristic, such as durability or joviality. The same way Marlboro did with their iconic cowboy figure, you may incorporate all of these qualities in your company’s mascot.

Hiring a brand ambassador is another method to give your company’s image a personality boost. Find a celebrity who is compatible with the ideals and tone of your company’s brand. To promote a sportswear company, you could consider hiring a sports champion, a fitness expert, or someone who is well-known for their tenacity or endurance, for example.

Finally, if your brand is supported by a unique and compelling leader or representative, you may turn that person become the embodiment of your brand’s personality. Remember the names Apple and Tesla, which are inextricably linked to the names Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

Concentrate on your ideas and feelings

Despite the fact that consumers are logical, they make their ultimate decisions with their emotions rather than their heads. Unknowingly, many consider their favorite brands to be an extension of their own sense of uniqueness. Buyers are loyal to companies that match their beliefs, according to 89 percent of respondents.

Make certain that your company’s principles are expressed clearly and consistently in order to enhance brand recognition. When you have a well-defined, distinct value offer, it is both feasible and simple. Starting with the following questions may help you establish your brand identity if you’re having difficulty doing so:

  • What was the inspiration for the creation of your brand?
  • What kind of future does your company wish to build?
  • What strategy will she use to accomplish her goal?
  • What are the guiding concepts that guide your actions?

Provide succinct responses that will help define the purpose and identity of your company. The latter should be succinct while yet being understandable.

Participate in and organize activities

Large and small businesses alike advertise their products and services through arranging, attending, or participating in events. Event marketing provides them with a fantastic chance to forge lasting business connections with other like-minded individuals. Events, according to 75 percent of company owners, are the most effective avenue for networking.