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Masturbation is a simple activity to understand. Mostly. It is an activity that allows you to feel sexual satisfaction at the end, or even during a session. This activity solely focuses on stimulating your pleasure areas to achieve a climax. 

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There are two main types of masturbation, solo and mutual masturbation. Solo masturbation usually involves one person, you. You stimulate your erogenous zones, and make yourself climax by either your imagination, erotic videos or books. On the other hand, mutual masturbation is the act of masturbating while watching your partner do the same action. Some people do not necessarily enjoy this activity, but it is quite intense if done correctly. Either way, it is an act that can bring you pleasure that is immeasurable.

Maturbation can also be carried out in two ways. You can masturbate the ‘traditional’ way, which is by using your fingers. Usually, when you are exploring masturbation for the first time, using your hands and fingers is a normal response. However, overtime, you will become bored and exhausted with your hands. This is when most people upgrade to sex toys. Sex toys are a whole new field of pleasure you can explore. If you are interested in upgrading your sex life, check out sex toy store in Malaysia.

Here are a few simple reasons as to why you should mastrurbate.

It boosts your mood

Masturbation can help you boost your mood. It is an activity that releases ‘happy chemicals’ into your brain. When your brain accepts and processes these chemicals you become happy and calm. Whenever you reach a climax these feel good chemicals are released, and your body reacts to it in a good way. It is the reason why you feel like you are floating in the sky and you can see stars most of the time you climax. Plus, it also helps with headaches or migraines. Since the chemicals are released, it sort of masks any pain receptors, ensuring that you do not feel pain for a while after the session. 

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It allows you to release stress

Similar to the previous point explanation, you can release stress and tension during masturbation. On top of feeling good, your muscles relax and you feel more relieved. Any pent up tension, and stress that you might have obtained during your day will be released throughout your session. So, if you are feeling too stressed, just start masturbating and it will go away with just your climax. 

It helps you understand your body

Another benefit of masturbation is it allows you to understand your body better. Each person has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to pleasure. It entirely depends on their desires. When you masturbate, you are slowly navigating between the movements to figure out your desires. Understanding your body is important, because it allows you to be confident in it. Plus, it can help you in future sexual sessions, with not only yourself, but with your future partners as well. It can enhance your experience in many ways.