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Best Hufcor Glass Partition

Growing up as a 90s kid you probably heard the show called The Office, it was famous in the UK but it got even more fame in the US. The Office is actually a comedy show interpreting the humor and jokes that potentially happen in a workplace among the boss and employees. I personally remember every single line from that show, the show got famous even more for the four main characters, Michael Scott, Jim Harpert, Dwight Schrut, and Pam Beasley. 

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This show does nothing wrong when it comes to making their audience and fans laugh out loud. This show has also gathered fans throughout the years and season of this show. Not just office employees watch this show but many other people watch this show. It just is not related to office workers but it gives others some insight to what the work environment could be. And it’s all grey and dull in the office, it can be fun and great too. Well of course your office workspace and environment may not be The Office series of course, you may have strict rules and principles to follow.

The Office is actually a show that is about creating a documentary of DunderMifflin  Paper Company’s workspace environment and the employees. So throughout the show, you can watch a camera always being in the office and people having a personal talk time and all. This talk time is the main reason why this show got even more famous, because of the different concepts. It allows the character to break the third wall and creates even more connection with the audience. It also makes sense why the office employees look into the camera at times and stare at the audience because we know this show is actually a documentary show.

Anyways, Michael Scott is an amazing boss, he made so much fun and not just made an office all about work. He is the type of boss that don’t follow others. He is involved in his employee’s life and always there for them, and he might get slightly annoying but he is definitely funny. The thing about the office that I couldn’t handle is that the DunderMifflin Paper Company did not think about the upgrades for their workspace or the privacy of the workspace. I mean they did create a partitioned room for the boss, but only for the boss. What about the employees? At least they could install a partition like the ones that Best Hufcor Glass Partition provides. for their office employees so that they wouldn’t have much of a problem. I mean that was one of the reasons why Dwight and Jim always got into conflicts and disagreements. 

They even built a second office partition for Kevin but not for others. And there was once when Jim had to take charge of the Office and Dwight got jealous of Jim power and position that they both fought to be the ones that are in charge and they wanted to have their own workspace so bad that they got into a huge conflict. That almost causes their job and friendship.