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Fiber being a significant selling point, operators quickly tried to use the term when they offered very high speed subscriptions, even when using copper. This was particularly the case with SFR / Numericable before a decree clarified the debate.

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In other words, the fiber reaches the subscriber’s box, so the entire chain is made of optical fiber and this is what allows the network to be of the best possible quality.

Then there are solutions using fiber, but not to the customer’s home. This is the case of the FFTB, with a “B” for “building”, where the fiber arrives in the building, but the co-owners are connected with copper. 

Are you eligible for fiber?

The case of eligibility is complex, because it is done at two levels, first that of the municipality where the operator decides to settle, then at the level of the building. Thus, it is not because your municipality has a fiber that your building is.

To make things easier, the operators and all offer a simple test on their site to see if you can take advantage of fiber. If this is not the case, two scenarios:

If your neighborhood / town has fiber but not your home: if you own an individual home, all you have to do is contact the operator so that they can connect you to the nearest point. If you reside in a building, you will have to experience the trustee and ask that the issue be on the program. It may take a long time. The selected operator then installs pakej internet tm unifi fibers at the foot of the building.

The law obliges it to provide an installation compatible with all operators. However, they are not forced to connect afterwards. In a building connected by Free, Orange may be absent. In reality these cases are rare, but it can take a little time for the other operators to join in.