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Do you want to know how to insulate your bumbung besi in Malaysia? Too easy! From the specialist of metal roofing companies here are tips for you to optimize all your spaces, take care of your pocket and improve your quality of life.

It does not matter if you have a channel, trapezoidal, galvanized or cincalum sheet, anyone can be perfectly insulated! Read the full note and keep these tips in mind to leave your ceiling great for longer.

mitchel lensink wwIrwJf a1s unsplash 1024x683 - The Best Thermal Insulation For Sheet Metal Roofs

Sheet metal roof paint

The liquid hydrophobic membrane happens to be use to solve a humidity problem. But furthermore to being waterproofing, its application helps also decrease the passage of temperature from the outerside to the inside.

They are available in light and dark colors, light ones can be used for summer and dark ones for winter. The effect of this type of materials also helps the temperature of the sheet itself. What advantages in the dilation result shaped by temperature changes.

Styrofoam roof plates

In the market you will find some decorative foam boards that can be placed as a ceiling. As they are built with foamed polystyrene, they also help to insulate the environment from extreme temperatures.

Its sealed cell structure doesn’t let the passage of water or produce fungi. Their placement is very simple and they are low cost. Furthermore, they use to be very easy for cleaning when they are in place and use to allow them to be painted to offer them a different tone.

They might get applied by pasting them to a flat surface with a water-built acrylic glue or can be placed in a frame style like plasterboard.

These four materials used to be the most used being insulation for sheet metal roofs. Relied on the available budget and the insulation requirements, one material or another will be chosen.