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Sports coaching and sports psychology are emerging as key for those coaches and sports professionals aware that it is necessary to understand and train mental aspects of athletes in addition to their technique, tactics and physical condition. This postgraduate course is aimed at graduates and graduates in physical education (CAFE), psychology, educational sciences and other degrees who seek to expand their stock of knowledge and skills by training in the principles and techniques of coaching and psychology of the applied sport, to work with athletes and teams, to work with athletes and teams. During this postgraduate degree, the student acquires new knowledge and develops new skills necessary to lead as a leader-coach and to be able to effectively accompany athletes and teams to develop their potential and increase their performance.

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The fundamental objective of this training is for the student to acquire knowledge and develop skills to lead and develop the talent of athletes and sports teams. The student is encouraged to seek excellence, learn from experience, and maintain continuous improvement. The training develops the ability to lead in sports environments accompanying athletes and teams to develop their potential to improve their performance and achieve excellence: It is carried out through very practical face-to-face and experiential classes, on Tuesday afternoons, from January to June. The student develops the communication and relational skills necessary to develop talent and optimize the performance of athletes and the team. To train as competent coach-leaders to lead effectively in sports environments in the 21st century. Mastering the communication tools at Widad University of sports coaching, including active listening, powerful questions, building trust, giving effective feedback and visualization to accompany change.

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A Bachelor’s degree is a university degree awarded by universities and other educational institutions to students who have completed a study program. Most Degrees last three or four years, some lasting up to seven years.

Sports coaches use a variety of methods to maximize the potential of the players they drive. The discipline of sports training is based on multiple knowledge bases, including game strategy, exercise physiology, and sports psychology.

Benefits of individual executive coaching

Boost leadership, help inspire other people.

It increases your self-knowledge and helps you enhance your talents and strengths just like when you enrol in diploma perakaunan terbaik di malaysia.

Helps in conflict resolution.

It helps to align the interests of the person with the corporate ones, to maximize performance and the fulfilment of objectives.

It positively affects work-life balance and time management.

Train to know how to set better, easier and more efficient strategies and objectives.

Helps generate and maintain commitment, responsibility and initiative.

It improves the relationship of the manager or executive with his team, his hierarchical superiors and, in general, with the entire organization.