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foundation in science universities in Malaysia

“What’s next?” is probably the question you are asking yourself right now after being done with SPM. To further your studies and get a degree, then you’d need a pre-university qualification. 

Foundation program

Apart from matriculation, and a diploma, the foundation program is one of the most common pre-university qualifications. It is a program that will help you get the knowledge and skills that you need to enter the undergraduate degree. 

Skills included would be communication skills, presentation skills, interaction skills, and many more. Moreover, the knowledge that they provide is mostly the basics of the subjects that you will learn in your degree. 

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Some foundation programs you can choose from including a foundation in art, a foundation in business, a foundation in communication, and a foundation in science universities in Malaysia

There are a few benefits if you choose to enroll in foundation programs. Firstly, the experience allows you to explore the subjects you’ll learn in the field you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in a foundation in Science, then your program will focus on the basics of your course; such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, and Mathematics. As a result, you are able to pursue degrees in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and nursing.

The second benefit is that the foundation program is able to allow you to be prepared for the learning experience later. Taking the time to finish your foundation program isn’t a waste of time as you would have already been prepared for the life of independent learning, assignments, and daily challenges. 

The third benefit is that it is the cheapest and easiest way to pre-university life. Compared to others, the foundation program offers the fastest route to continue for your degree. 

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What can I do with a foundation program?

Foundation in Science

A foundation in Science offers you general subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. Hence, the program can lead you to various fields; such as Pharmacy, Food Science, Aquatic Science, Zoology, Environmental Science, and Medicine. 

Foundation in Art

Meanwhile, a foundation in art focuses more on English, Economics, Public Speaking, Marketing, and Communication. Therefore, a foundation in this program helps you to venture to fields like Law, Mass Communication, Design, Culinary Arts, Language, and Business.

Foundation in Business

Foundation in this program would provide you with knowledge and business-related skills such as finance, business administration, marketing, and accounting. Hence, the careers that are open to you include Accountant, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Marketing Analyst, and Human Resource Manager. 

Foundation in Engineering

This foundation program focus on the basics of engineering and technology which include Mathematics, Physics, problem-solving techniques, Chemistry, and computer-aided designs. The careers that you venture into are Mechanical Engineer, Product & Material Testing Technologist, and Industrial Engineer.